10 Camel inspired things that you can buy

Every place that we visit will have something special about it. Sometimes, these special factors even become a defining factor, a symbol of the place itself, like elephants in South and East Asia. The desert is a very unique space. Not many things can survive its dryness and humidity. Of course, camels are an exception. By now, they’ve definitely become a symbol of the gulf region and an ode to the old Bedouin lifestyle. The first time I landed in Abu Dhabi, I was surprised to see how many camel things surrounded me. Here’s a small list of the many camel things that you can acquire or gift someone with:


  1. Camel key tags and magnets

             If you are ever at a lost as to what small and cute gifts you can give someone, you can pick up some of these and add them to your gift basket, especially if it’s a gift for someone who doesn’t live in the UAE. There are even camel photo magnetic frames available.


  1. Camel mugs

A camel’s head could be your whole mug or maybe you have to grab onto its neck to lift    your cup.

  1. Camel soft toys

These seem to be a favourite. They come in their original colour and also in pink sometimes. Some are barebacked, some have cloaks on them and others sport clothing with the UAE national colours. They come in different sizes.

  1. Camel stress ball

Instead of buying the same old traditional stress ball, why not buy a stress camel instead? These foamy camel shaped stress busters are just as stress relieving plus they’re a lot cuter than the old stress ball.

  1. Camel shaped chocolate

Chocolate takes many shapes and sizes but camel shaped chocolate is hard to find, so why not take advantage of it while it’s around?

  1. Camel stationary

There’s a lot that can happen here. I once picked up an angry camel with boxing gloves at the top of a pen head. What’s more, you could actually get the camel to punch with a small lever attached to its back. Camel pencil toppers, notebooks, camel dung paper/ etc. They’re all there.

  1. Camel coasters

What other better way to greet a guest at your table than to have some camels lying around.

  1. Camel caps

Why wear a plain cap when you can have a camel chilling on top of one?

  1. Camel t-shirts

Wear your camel pride loud and strong.

  1. Camels in kanduaras and Abayas

Small souvenirs of mini camels dressed in kanduras and abayas.

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