8 Great Tweets to End Your Day!

HH Sheikh Mohammed


Official Tweets by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

We look forward to share our message of hope, peace, tolerance and development for a better world.


Jim Carrey

8 Great Tweets to End Your Day!@JimCarrey

Actor Jim Carrey!

Don’t worry folks as long as the Sun is revolving around the Earth, we’ll be fine! ;^P



8 Great Tweets to End Your Day!@markiplier

the turkeys will play

If you nap for 6 hours is it still considered a nap?


Hank Green

8 Great Tweets to End Your Day!@hankgreen

Co-Founder: http://youtube.com/vlogbrothers , http://DFTBA.com . SciShow, Crash Course, VidCon, and other things. T-Shirt Size: M

There’s a fine line (but a big difference) between preparing for a negative outcome and acting as if it has already occurred.



Sara Zarr

8 Great Tweets to End Your Day!@sarazarr

Writer. Person. Aging naturally since 1970. It’s not you, it’s me.

Sometimes I just stare at a map of the world and ponder how little I know about anything.


Imaan Sheikh

8 Great Tweets to End Your Day!@sheikhimaan

Writer, doodler. Non-resident spicy meme-dreamer & GIF-maker at @BuzzFeedIndia. Accurately described once as ‘Deranged man-hater posing to be a feminist’.

Wow this clean eating thing is so we- oops ate 3 samosas.


Aziz Ansari

8 Great Tweets to End Your Day!@azizansari

Pasta lover. I don’t tweet much. My new Netflix series Master of None is now streaming on Netflix. I wrote a book called Modern Romance.

I know I talk about how much I hate wasting time on the internet, but when the entire internet decides to be super nice to you, it’s dope.



Dina Hashem

8 Great Tweets to End Your Day!@dinahashemsays


Some people say I’m never angry. They haven’t seen me ragefully throw away recyclables. My vengeance shall emerge in the skies and seas!



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