3 Reasons We Need a Strong & Ambitious Global Climate Deal

EWS-WWF, a non-profit organisation in the UAE established under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, explains the importance of addressing climate change in order to build a sustainable future for the UAE


Why is it so important to reach action a new global deal on climate change right now? EWS-WWF explains the following:

1. The impacts of climate change are real and happening today.

  • 2014 was the warmest year on record. We are experiencing hotter land temperatures than ever before.
  • Many regions are already experiencing major droughts or flooding, which is affecting their economies.
  • Wildlife is being pushed to its survival limits with a staggering 40% of worldwide species at risk of extinction.

The science confirms that if we are to avoid runaway climate change, our planet must not warm more than 2¬įC. If it does, then we can be sure to witness severe¬†global climate impacts¬†such as increased damage to crop yields, scarce water supplies, and other unevenly distributed impacts which are especially devastating for developing countries and disadvantaged communities.

  1. Our region will be affected by climate change.
    Research indicates that Middle East climate systems will be altered by increasing temperatures. Understanding the impacts can help us better plan for how to deal with those changes, so we are lucky to have the latest climate science to show the likely impacts this region will feel by the end of the century, such as:
  • Increases in land temperature by around 2¬įC and 3¬įC in both winter and summer
  • Increases in humidity by on average 10%

As a country that already experiences a hot and humid climate, it is evident that action needs to be taken to reduce the likelihood of these impacts taking place.


  1. Our planet needs us and we are stronger together
    The UAE may only be a small country and a comparatively minor contributor to global emissions, however a strong and ambitious global deal is just as important here.


Keeping temperatures below 2¬įC means that we can prevent these impacts from becoming a reality in the UAE. COP21 is an opportunity to build a more sustainable future and it is crucial that we all push this forward. Our UAE negotiators are involved in the Paris talks to ensure a strong and fair global deal on climate change happens.


This is why it’s important that we capture this window of opportunity.

Now is the time to reach a global deal that limits emissions.
Now is the time to plan for the future using the best available scientific research.
Now is the time to steer away from the risks of climate change by investing in low-carbon development and climate resiliency, curbing carbon emissions, increasing renewable energy and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.


We all have the power to make a difference on the Road Through Paris.
It is now time to join in because you have the power to tackle climate change! Help reduce growing emissions by using simple tricks to lower your usage of energy and water.
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Want to hear more about the work EWS-WWF does in the UAE in conservation? Support its Climate Change & Energy Programme!


EWS-WWF is a non-profit organisation in the UAE established under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan


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