7 Years of Tempo

by Sana Bagersh


It’s been seven years since we published our very first issue. Seven years!

Depending on your perspective, seven years may sound like a lifetime or seven years may appear to pass by like a blink of the eye! To put seven years into perspective, they say it takes seven years to grow completely new skin… seven years for you to digest swallowed gum… seven years to establish a good credit record, and… seven years to master a new skill!

For us at Tempo seven is a pretty special number. That’s how long it took us to reach out to community, learn about you, and to make new friends.

We have enjoyed connecting with dreamers, doers, artists, builders, writers, creators, motivators, shapers, entrepreneurs, innovators and change agents…

We have indeed evolved together. We’ve seen through our pages the birth of new ideas, new initiatives and cool innovations.

And as Tempo moves forward into a new year we seek to enrich the world around us, through content that focuses on people and on the creation of value partnerships that support the community.

We support The Smovies, the coolest short film competition in the land that identifies and promotes new filmmakers, we are committed to Tamakkan, an entrepreneurship platform established in 2009 that offers free monthly seminars to SMEs, and we offer support to LaunchPad, an exciting creative space that nurtures startups and new entrepreneurs.

Other community projects we support are MomX and MomPreneurs, a networking support group for moms venturing into the business world, to Abu Dhabi Pearls, an initiative that builds leadership in young girls, AmCham’s Arts and Culture Committee which encourages collaborations in the arts , the Green’s Sheikh’s Eco-Drive, the Global Compassion Games, Camp Imagination for kids, and Project Math and Coding.

The list grows, and so does our belief in the power of great ideas to positively impact communities.

At Tempo, our sense of purpose defines us. So please share your ideas, your comments and your inspiration with us. We look forward to another cool year of being part of the rhythm of your life.

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