A Car and Her Boy

(As told by Mille the car). I first met my owner when he entered the tender age of 18. Like most men he first went around the room trying to catch the eyes of the four big wheels. Poor dear, he was so crushed when he saw how much the desert safari dream would cost him. I don’t hold it against him at all; they always dream about the exotic models with their moving hoods but when it’s time to make a commitment they always go for the hatchback.

Our courtship ritual began simple enough. At first, he pretended not to notice me. He was desperate not to catch the eye of the salesman and pretended he had not been here a dozen times in the last month. He was trying to convince himself that he wasn’t looking for a commitment yet (he wasn’t fooling anyone!) He slowly gained the nerve to ask about me. The sales man suggested he go for a test drive with me, a get-to-know-each-other kind of deal. The poor thing, no matter how confident he tried to seem, his sweaty palms and blissful look gave him away and he was hooked.

It’s been three wonderful years since then and we now have our own little baby seat in the back! Of course I often catch him ogling at the Americans with their modified engines, and stealing a glance at an Italian or two… but I’m happy to say that we now have an understanding, he can look but he can’t touch.

By Rohit Bhat (as Mille)

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