Abu Dhabi International Poetry Festival: Celebrating the Magic of Words!


Creativity and the magic of the spoken word permeated the halls of the Paris-Sorbonne University as the inaugural Abu Dhabi International Poetry Festival debuted in the capital, with an exciting day of open mic sessions, workshops and performances by international and locally based poet luminaries. The event, organized by Rooftop Rhythms, BrandMoxie and the Paris-Sorbonne University, was held in partnership with the US Embassy and Fatima Bint Hazza Cultural Foundation.


Workshops. From free-ranging flow of words to the moving words of poetry giants such as Patricia Smith, Kane Smego, G Yamazawa and Zeina Hashem Beck. The audience laughed, teared up, and imbibed the incredible energy of poetry, at the hands of poetry masters and local rising starts.

open mics

Open Mics. People of all ages joined in for the open mic sessions in three languages – Arabic, French and English.


Art and Music. Taking a quick break from the spoken word, participants also enjoyed Oud and expressed their creative thoughts onto canvas.


Featured Poets:


Patricia Smith

G Yamazawa

Kane Smego

Zeina Hashem Beck





Rooftop Rhythms

Paris-Sorbonne University




U.S. Embassy

Fatima Bint Hazza Cultural Foundation

Tempo Magazine


Abu Dhabi Festival


Event Hosts:


Mom’s Guide Abu Dhabi


Art House Speaks

Beit Al Oud Music Academy


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