#TravelGoals – Abu Dhabi, the Second-Best City in the World

The results for the 2017 Ipsos City Index have been released and the UAE’s capital city, Abu Dhabi, has been given the Second Place for in the World’s Best Cities. From only being in the fourth place in 2013, Abu Dhabi has overtaken both London and Paris and is considered as the Second-Best City in the world to live, work, and do business in.

More than 18,000 people from 26 countries worldwide, aged between 16 and 64, were interviewed for the index. 21% of the survey participants listed Abu Dhabi as a top city to do business in, just 2% below the leader – New York. These results highlight the significant increase in the global perception of Abu Dhabi as a commercial destination. Abu Dhabi ranked highest among survey participants from the three younger generations – Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z, which were all consistent in placing New York and Abu Dhabi as their top two cities.

HE Saif Saeed Ghobash, Director General, TCA Abu Dhabi, said: “The rise of Abu Dhabi in this global ranking is testament to the ongoing efforts to establish the Emirate as not only a tourist destination of distinction, but a location that international communities want to work, live and do business in. It’s distinct popularity among the younger generations highlight the need for global cities to diversify and innovate to sustain their position and strength as business and tourism hubs.”

For many years, the global perception of the UAE was only based on the achievements of Dubai and its world record breaking skyscrapers. However, with the ongoing rise of tourism in Abu Dhabi, its beauty is also being showcased to the world. The growth of the emirate’s popularity can be seen in the recent statistics of hotel guest arrivals. Within the first five months of the year 2017, nearly 2 million hotel guest arrivals (1,965,436) were recorded. The results were compared to the same period in 2016 and has shown 4% growth. Of this figure, domestic visitors account for more than 600,000 hotel guests across the emirate’s 167 hotels and hotel apartments in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain Region, and Al Dhafra Region. Along with that the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was ranked as the second favorite landmark by travelers for the second year in a row, according to TripAdvisor.

The ongoing efforts of the emirate to establish itself internationally is finally being recognized. Abu Dhabi does not only take pride in the fact that it can keep up with the ongoing global developments, but even more so in its strength to keep within its cultural roots just as its leaders have intended since the beginning. It’s more than just its beautiful sand dunes and delicious date fruits, it’s a world class cultural and business experience.

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