Al Medfah

“I know every single event that happened to the Bedouins in the desert.”

I am Al Medfah. I know every single event that happened to the Bedouins in the desert, who once lived near the museum where I live now. Visitors to the museum see me and wonder about me and my story. They do not know that I am really sad and I want to have a conversation with them. I stand alone in the corner where they keep all the artifacts from the past. I am proud of my past, but I also want to come back to the present, and then walk forth into the future. I would like to be remembered.

I love to listen to people talking. I love to hear the sounds of their celebrations that happen outside in the desert. I would love to share those moments with them, and see the simplicity of their clothes again. I rejoice at the call to prayer. I love to hear the sounds of people praying and to pray with them.

All this is happening around me, and I silently watch and wish I were part of it. Then one night, an old man came over to my section and stood in front of me. I must have reminded him of the past, of the old days, as he started to sing like he used to in his youth. I wanted to show him that I understood him, and could feel what he felt and I started to move, as if dancing to his song. He inspired me and gave me the power to put aside my sadness and be there for him.

Really at that moment, I was the happiest I have ever been. When he saw me move, he realized I was a jinni. He went back and told others about me, and the next time he came to the museum, he brought with him a whole group of people to dance and sing around me.

I moved and danced with them, and while at first they were a bit scared, soon they realized all I ever wanted was to be noticed and to be remembered.

(WRITER) Wafaa Salem Amer Ajham Al Maashani
(ILLUSTRATOR) Aysha Saif Ahmed Saif Al Hamrani

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