Alee Alamm

Alee Alamm

Name: Alee Alamm

Age: 28

Profession: Public Relations Executive

Nationality: Bahraini

Fashion Statement: “be UNIQUE, be elegant”


Alee’s personal style

Knowledgeable – compared to most mindless snobs surround me, I wear designer clothing because I appreciate the integrity rather than just wearing it because of its logo.


Alee’s favourite recent fashion purchase

My Black Dior sweater. It was completely worth purchasing it and it is so far my favourite. It’s difficult to not wear it every single day because it is comfortable and warm. It fits perfectly and feels like it will last forever.


Alee’s favourite places to shop

ZARA, who are best known for their ability to get trendy items on the floor fast.
I love to shop at many places because it gives me a wider choice, however my top choices are Armani Jeans, Dior, Versace, Zara and H&M.


Alee’s fashion pet peeve

Super tight Abercrombie fitted shirts with the person’s belly sticking out instead of their chest.

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