Amazon’s Strategy to Dominate the Global Music Festival Business

What is the best part of a music festival? Is it the music, innovative concepts, or the camaraderie of festivalgoers? Beats on the Beach Festival, F1 After Race Concerts and the Abu Dhabi Festival could all benefit from the services that retail giant Amazon are primed to launch. A recent job posting on the company’s website indicated their need for a Senior Product Manager, Music whose sole responsibilities are to enhance the experience of millions of festival attendees. What does this mean? This means Amazon is using their mega platform to their advantage. It’s called retail innovation and Amazon is about to hit the ground running.

Amazon‚Äôs Strategy to Dominate the Global Music Festival BusinessNow that Amazon has decided to enter the music festival market, you will see an on- the-ground Amazon presence at music festivals around the world. Their strategy is to have a ‚Äúphysical festival presence,‚ÄĚ which will include artist meet and greets, convenient amenities such as free Wi-Fi, water, charging stations, restrooms, custom tour merchandise for purchase, and on-site food and product delivery. Cause who wouldn‚Äôt love on-site food delivery at a music festival?

Amazon’s Strategy to Dominate the Global Music Festival BusinessIt is the responsibility of the Senior Product Manager, Music to turn simple ideas into memorable events and delight customers through creative music experiences. The manager must be passionate about the role of music in people’s every day lives. Amazon is thinking globally. The company recently hired music executives to help steer the expansion of its company in the US and UK. Amazon understands their customer. Just two years ago, the company expanded its live music business presence with its Ticket operation. This offers Amazonians the option to purchase tickets to music, comedy and theatre events.

In addition, promoters, record labels, artists, vendors, and music managers will be happy with Amazon’s new events management strategy. This will undoubtedly enhance the festival experience and leave festivalgoers with pep in their steps. Amazon is priming itself to be a leader among retail innovation and experiential marketing.

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