Audacious Authenticity and Herculean Happiness

Audacious Authenticity and Herculean Happiness

It’s a new month; the last one of this year. Wake up, smile, and tell yourself, “Today is my day!” Then go out and be amazing, joyful and happy.


Celebrating National Day in the UAE, expats and locals band together to lionize this fabulous place we call “home” and to show gratitude to the founders of the nation. When we are truly authentic with our gratitude, miracles occur. Everyone should live this month in audacious authenticity! Show your true self: be brave and be bold. And if you want to attract happy, positive things and people…. become a happy positive person yourself!


For the past three years, I have thoroughly enjoyed decorating our flat with flags, banners, signs, pom-poms, and glittered flowers to celebrate my adopted home during National Day. Sharing experiences such as this enriches my life and adds to my mental treasure chest of memories.


I have learned that happiness always starts with YOU! Not with your relationships. Not with your job. Not with your money… with you! I have learned to open my heart to new places, situations and friends and to let miracles occur. I have been blessed with fantastic and generous friends whom I met during my tenure here. I see each opportunity to mix and mingle with them as a gift.


Lunches, dinners, movies and trips are some ways we get together and enjoy our expat life. Sharing simple joys is an awesome way to be authentic. It doesn’t take much to be happy. Joining expat social groups, going on outings: “Remote Abu Dhabi,” Warehouse 421, Yasalam events, Mother of the Nation festival, and camping out in the desert are wildly FUN activities that lead to herculean happiness. Imagine lying on a tarp in the desert with friends, surrounded by sand dunes and a few desert plants, looking up and watching the Milky Way come into focus at night.


That’s a happy experience. Be creative and do stuff. Seek and you will find FUN.


I have found that when I seek like-minded people, FUN occurs and my heart is happy. Whether I choose yoga classes, stand-up-paddling, kite boarding, sailing, Panto, Mahjongg or reading by the pool, it’s always better with friends. Find FUN and share it; I do! Happy people choose being with other happy people.


Stretch yourself and learn, do, explore something new every chance you get. Gentle reminder, “people are faces until they are your friends.”


American ethicist Michael Josephson said, “Every now and then it is a good thing to stop looking for happiness and just be happy.” For me, I believe changing my focus as well as the environment changes my mood. When I go outside for a walk at lunch time, I benefit from a little sunshine and fresh air. Nature has many lessons and remedies. Listening to happy, upbeat music also increases happy feelings. Taking a walk along the beach is one of my favorite ways to renew.


As a practical guide to enjoying the miracles of life, I suggest reading books and blogs from people who have mastered a well-lived life. Doing new things, NDBs (never done before) will open up not only new experiences, new friends and new goals, but will also grow your mind.


Remember, an authentic open heart and mind is the key to Herculean happiness.

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