Welcome to Tempo Approved! We have compiled a list of game stores in Abu Dhabi that the Tempo team would recommend.

virgin picVirgin megastore

Address: Wahda mall, Yas mall, Abu Dhabi mall

Phone number: 02 445 3327, 02 644 7882, 02 565 1319

Virgin megastore has one of the best products you can find in Abu Dhabi. Also, they always have exclusives that no one else has in Abu Dhabi or before them and one of the few stores that allow you to pre-order games and get something with it.

sharaf dg pic

Sharaf DG

Address: Abu Dhabi international airport, Marina mall, Mushrif mall, Abu Dhabi mall, Dalma Mall, Wahda mall

Phone number: 800 344 357

Sharaf DG has the nicest and hard-working employees and always has great offers to keep you excited. Also, one of the perks of this store is that if they don’t have something in the store but in the storage, you will get it for free in 24 hours.

plug ins pic


Address: Wahda Mall, Marina mall

Phone number: 800 758 4467

They have one of the widest ranges of electronics in Abu Dhabi, so if you are looking for something you will find it here.

Geekay games pic

Geekay Games

Address: Yas Mall, Seef Village

Phone number: 02 5650 750, 02 5650 757, 02 4411 828

Geekay Games has one of the weirdest games I have ever seen, they have a big variety of games ranging from old to brand new.

jumbo pic


Address: Wahda Mall, Yas Mall, Dalma Mall, Hamdan Street

Phone number: 02 650 6633, 02 565 0931, 02 550 8281, 02 632 7001

Jumbo is a great game store it has everything from games to phones to laptops, so it is truly a great destination.

emax pic


Address: Hamdan Street, Dalma Mall, The Galleria Maryah Island, World trade center mall, Yas Mall

Phone number: 800 3629, 02 5575400

Emax might seem like an average store but it is not it has almost everything you want, especially in Yas Mall because their branch has two stories (which are huge by the way).

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