Bring Visible Change to your Self Esteem – Avneet Kohli

Avneet Kohli
Presenter | Speaker | Confidence Coach


“After completing schooling in Abu Dhabi, I arrived in Mumbai to persue my higher education in Business Management. My parents had planned for me to become a ‘banker’, but destiny favoured me by giving me the opportunity to become an ‘anchor’.

“It was while I spent my initial days assisting renowned fashion choreographer, Vabiz at the Fashion week where she suggested my name as a celebrity manager to a popular pop singer in Mumbai. Whilst touring on a concert with her, the CD used to play her introduction audio had cracked in transit and I was asked to welcome her on stage. That was the first time I held the mike professionally and was noticed by a mega jewellery brand that was soon to launch its next collection. From there on, there was no looking back… I grew from event to event, presenting at product launches, award ceremonies, red carpets, gala dinners and television programmes.

“My flair for interaction and engaging varied audiences over years found my new interest of curating workshops and speaking for a purpose. Speaking on subjects such as confidence and self empowerment allows me to inspire people and bring visible change in their self esteem.”


“When you are presenting a live event, unlike television there are no retakes. Your thoughts need to flow and you have one shot to make an impression.  I was only about 22 years of age whilst addressing CEOs and change makers from different high ranked industries. My challenge was being taken seriously, keeping them engaged and ensuring the event progressed seamlessly. 

“A technical glitch could surface anytime and the anchor would be expected to deliver impromptu. No matter how much you rehearse your script when the curtains raise you can expect anything to happen.  It was essential for me to be calm and resourceful in such situations. I dressed much older than my age, I would read newspapers voraciously every day for topics to talk about. And I kept a bunch of jokes and games handy to be used in any situation.

“A lot of my work arose from networking and being seen at the right place at the right time. Being a woman in showbiz at times also called for unnecessary attention from powerful people. Something I’m still improvising on is the art of diplomacy.

“Abu Dhabi and UAE is a land of opportunities for many. True to its vision, the city has gradually built roads of development for generations to come. Being fairly new to this market in terms of work, I’m still setting foot with determination to contribute and create new ways in the space of personal development.


“We are surrounded by people fighting their own battles that we know little or nothing about. Some are stuck between responsibilities and desires, others walk the thin rope between goals and expectations. In our early years, we get wired to make a place for ourselves in this mighty world. Down the road, we find ourselves succumbing to routine, complacency, monotony or even burn out. Social media sparks comparison and happiness seems to be a further destination.

“What most of us miss is the fact that happiness is not a destination but a journey. A journey fuelled by enthusiasm, passion, continuous investment in ourselves, compassion and sharing. All of the above seem to fall in place when one constantly looks at life as a learner and grabs every opportunity to empower themselves.

“Your past doesn’t control your future – your present actions do. So, the question is what new skill are you learning? How are you developing yourself? I provide workshops in confidence building, public speaking, grooming, soft skills and soon therapeutic yoga to make some of the routes to empowerment accessible to others. 



“1.Ask yourself how does your message benefit the listener? Try focussing on what you can give rather than prove to your audience.

2.On an average human attention span lasts two minutes, hence ensure your opening and closing statement/ question/story is captivating. 

3.Nearly 67 % of the impact we hold on others comes from our appearance, hence dress your part.” 

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