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Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics is the utmost thing to be considered for maintaining good ergonomics at the office. An example of Office Ergonomics is to have a better view of the monitor and see the images clearly if you take good care in selecting the right level of illumination and place it appropriately.

Grounding Skills

Grounding Skills

For many years, people with terminal illnesses were an embarrassment for doctors. Someone who could not be cured was evidence of the doctors’ fallibility, and as a result the doctors regularly shunned the dying with the excuse that there was nothing more that could be done (and that there was plenty of other demand on the doctors’ time).


Nose Block
Sinusitis. The best of us get inflicted with it. It spares no one and causes severe discomfort – the kind you’d never even wish upon enemies! Headaches, nasal congestion, fatigue, and sleeping issues can all be triggered by inflamed sinuses.

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

They say life is but a series of breaths we take – well… health experts agree! Infact recent medical research has provided sufficient evidence on the long-term benefits of deep breathing in the average homosapien (has anyone used that word recently?). And what is deep breathing?

Power Lies Within

Alive and Kicking
The Power Lies Within

Aging gracefully is what everyone desires but very few are willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes which can enable them to achieve this goal. Most people resort to painful cosmetic surgeries, while others opt for skin rejuvenation techniques. Either ways, there are easier methods to looking and feeling younger everyday. Here are a few tips to get you on your way:

Office Bites

Office Bites
The workplace is such a hectic environment these days that we hardly give any thought to what we consume before and during office hours. Most us work on default mode and try grabbing what’s convenient, cheap, and tasty.

Green Hotels

Tempo Loves …

The Healing Power of Doing Good: The Health and Spiritual Benefits of Helping Others by Allan Luks and Peggy Payne. This book states the obvious (we think): if you do good for others, good flows back to you.


The Bride Show Abu Dhabi is an exciting 4-day event filled with fashion, beauty and style. The Bride Show is UAE’s most dynamic and effective place to meet leading industry players in the wedding and bridal services, Asian fashion giants and affluent women and their families.

Get Fresh, Get Close

Close Up, Unilever’s unique freshness toothpaste brand has teamed up with Lebanese, Canadian-based R&B star & Music Producer Karl Wolf, as part of a fresh new campaign inviting the Middle East’s young music fans to help create his largest ever collaborative music video.



The Mubadala World Tennis Championship, formerly the Capitala World Tennis Championship, brings together six of the world’s top men’s players in a three day competition held at the Abu Dhabi International Tennis Complex at Zayed Sports City.