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A competition that gave the community a voice

When Tempo and the New York Film Academy Abu Dhabi decided to launch a film competition to celebrate UAE’s 40th anniversary, and give members of the community an opportunity to express their love and appreciation in short videos. The response was phenomenal! The event was held at Mamoura Auditorium and attended by film enthusiasts, industry experts, educationists and members of the public.





The “I love UAE” video competition concluded with the announcement of the winners and a debate by film experts and educationists on how best to nurture film making in the UAE. The winner of the “Me” category was Alina Mustafina, and of the “Me and My School Category” was Shabari Shankar.


Travel Travails



Whoever said “ It is not the destination but the journey that matters.” was profoundly insane and I suspect never had to negotiate the gauntlet of modern travel realities. Recently,  I returned to Abu Dhabi from three weeks in my homeland. I only get there once a year so it was a whirlwind of activity.


Najwa Karam in 3D



Sony and Rotana Audio Visual Group join hands for the launch of the first ever 3D Arabic music video featuring one of the region’s most loved singing stars, Najwa Karam, who is known for her distinct Arabic flair. She is also a member of the jury for ‘Arabs Got Talent’.



After the exciting debut of the 1st Round of the Abu Dhabi Fighting Championship on May 14th 2010, with I SEE introducing to Abu Dhabi the first ever regional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) championship for a Grand Prize of 1,000,000 Dirhams, Round 2 is now just around the corner.