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Bu Tinah Island

By Noura Abdullah Al Noaimi

As children, we have all dreamt about the euphoria of visiting beautiful remote islands….but little did the people of the UAE know that we had one floating on own waters!

Amongst the Gulf’s warm and saline waters is a small archipelago named Bu Tinah which is located 130km west of Abu Dhabi. Bu Tinah is home to numerous endangered species that inhabit this nirvana island. Within the Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve is the territory that covers an estimate of 4,000 square meters, all closed to visitors, fishing and collection of turtle eggs, as the area is under enforced patrol watch to stay protected as a private natural reserve.




Hayat, meaning “Life” in Arabic, is a project initiated by a group of people who wish to renew the reforestation actions undertaken by the late H.H Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.  Their dream is to breathe green life into a desert patch in Al Wathba. The goal of this initiative is to protect the biodiversity of the UAE and teach the public about it by experiencing it firsthand. Tempo sits down with Celine Delabie, the Project Coordinator, who shared the dream.