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A Car and Her Boy

By Rohith Bhat (as Mille)

I suppose it all begins when they hit puberty. Before that, cars like me were simply yucky things that their elder brothers and fathers were obsessed about for no rhyme or reason. But then comes the puberty fairy and changes the whole relationship game. At first they’re shy to approach, tip-toeing on the sidelines simply staring at us from afar. Then they learn about us from magazines and movies and are soon self-taught experts on us. They fantasise about having Latin lovers in bright red, or  European flirts with low riding tires and big engines… engines…yep, it’s always about the engine size.

The night circus


By Azza El Masri

The Night Circus (Doubleday, 2011) Author: Erin Morgenstern

You’re at a circus, and you watch the magician do his tricks with a feeling tugging at your heart. Anticipation, a sense of revelry…that’s what magic does to you. It transports you to somewhere beautiful and impenetrable; suspended between reality and imagination. Welcome to The Night Circus.