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‚ÄúI have been a multilingual method actor, presenter, voice over artist and entertainer for more than 15 years. Some of the films I was in include “Moments of Fiction,” and the Emirati Feature ” Royal Love” with Dr. Habib Ali Ghloom, Abduallah Zaid, Jumma Ali.  I also acted in “Macbeth Arabia” with Bashar Atyiat and am currently in “A Tale of Shadows” which is currently screening across cinemas in the UAE. 


I am collaborating with Miral in a Vlog that you’ll be soon be seeing much more of. Miral and I are two multi cultural ethnic Arab actors who show our quirky interpretation of life.


Being naturally empathetic, one of my main challenges I faced as an actor is being able to control my mental, emotional and physical state. It is very easy for me to be drawn into characters and not be able to come out of them immediately, but I have now found the balance I need.

I want to congratulate the UAE for becoming eligible to participate in the Oscar Foreign Category Рit’s definitely a step in the right direction. We can only hope to build a stronger industry in the UAE to compete internationally.

Rik on Skills an Actor Should Have:




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