Get Fresh, Get Close

By simply uploading their own individual ‘fresh’ expressions alongside a specially created track that the star has written for the Close Up ‘Get Fresh, Get Close’ campaign, fans will be given the unique opportunity to interact with their favourite artist with 10 lucky winners going on to star on stage with Karl and perform the new specially created single that will lead Close Up’s campaign.

To get involved, all budding musicians have to do is demonstrate and record the sounds that reflect the confidence and freshness that Close Up gives them, onto a base track on the website or specially built recording booths in malls, hang-outs and nightspots across the GCC. The ‘freshness tags’ have to be an individual vocal expression such as a piece of rap or beat boxing, that will then be mixed with Karl Wolf’s vocal and re-arranged by professionals to create the R&B star’s largest collaborative music video. Even better, everyone that collaborates will get their own unique 30 second mini music video, featuring them performing their ‘freshness tag’ alongside Karl Wolf, which they can share with friends and get them to vote.

All of the contributed ‘freshness tags’ will be featured as part of Karl Wolf’s new single & video, and the Top 10 voted individuals will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to physically appear alongside Karl Wolf on stage at an up and coming gig!

The campaign is now live, and you can get involved and follow the campaign progress via the following channels,, Also check out the viral video of Karl introducing the campaign and other videos at

Anyone can get involved (including media!) by uploading their ‘freshness tags’ at , with the top ten finalists winning the chance to perform live on stage with Karl Wolf.

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