Cosplays and Gift Ideas for Game Hedz!

The Cons: Ani:me & Popcon

The debut of Ani:me Abu Dhabi seemed to go well with a slew of famous guests headlined by legendary artist Yoshitaka Anamo who confessed he now found Anime ‘boring’ and was trying new things, specifically sculpture. 


Locally based cosplayer, Sumi, won the opportunity to represent the UAE at the World Cosplay Summit in Japan. See on our Facebook page a chat with accomplished voice actor Todd Haberkorn, voice of Death the Kid (Death Eater). 


Major celebrity guests like Giuliana Rancic (Fashion Police) Theo Rossi (Luke Cage, Sons of Anarchy) weren’t enough to bring the crowds to the fashion-focused Popcon. Empty seats seemed to be the result of a remote location (Dubai Outlet Mall) and last minute planning. 


Gifts for your Game Hedz


Cosplays and Gift Ideas for Game Hedz!The PS4 Pro. It has 4K. Don’t ask just get it. 



The HP Omen. It’s a gaming laptop for PC gamers that comes with loads of accessories including headphones, mouse and more. 


Cosplays and Gift Ideas for Game Hedz!Firewatch and Overwatch. If they don’t have them already. They both featured highly in this year’s gaming awards. 


Dishonoured 2. The first was good. The second seems gooder. 


Cosplays and Gift Ideas for Game Hedz!Telltale Games’ Batman. A downloadable episodic game. They’d appreciate a season pass (all episodes paid for in advance).


Subscriptions. PlayStation Plus or XBox Live.


Compliments of the season, and make sure you spend it with the givers and not just the gifts!! 


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