Dream, Believe and Action! – Miral Niazi


“Yes, I am like any other Arab woman in this part of the world.

“I come from a divorced family and a very strict society. It was a difficult time to grow up. It was a time when children were forced to follow the dreams set by their parents and to focus on jobs that pay the bills. My father asked me when I was 13 years old, “What do you want to be when you grow up”? I said immediately with no hesitation, “I want to direct movies.” His reaction was ‘Oh Lord, my daughter is in danger!’  I don’t blame him because that was misconception that society had of the film industry at that time. It was especially true if you were a woman. There just didn’t seem to be a future for you in film, except if you were in Hollywood.

“I was a rebel ever since then, never accepting what society dictated.  I remember always thinking, ‘Why did God not create me as a boy so I could do whatever I want and go where ever I want?’ I never stopped dreaming.

“I inherited my artistic side from my mother – she is an artist. I began painting on every surface I saw:  drawing characters from cartoons and movies. I wrote stories and comic books and I was told by my music teacher that I had singing ability.


“I did jobs that I never loved just to please my family. But I also felt lost for many years. I worked in  marketing and business development, but I was not happy. I wanted to be proud of myself instead of pleasing others and I never gave up despite all the rejections I encountered. Then one day I got my first chance to work in a film production as a crew member. This led to several successive projects that helped build my experience in production. God had heard my prayers. I got a gig in theatre and got approached for film work and TV commercials

“Getting into acting as an Arab woman is not easy.  I strongly believe I can reach my goal internationally, while still holding on to my principles and my traditions. My slogan in life is ‘dream, believe and act’.

“I have just started a VLOG with a fellow actor. I strongly believe it will be a hit and that it will give us international exposure. My dream is to make it in Hollywood.  And dreaming is the first step to reality.”


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