E3 2016 Highlights – Too Much is A Good Thing!


E3 2016 happened in the second week of June and it brought many good things. We followed some of the live streaming and took snapshots too! The general trend is that Playstation’s press conference was the big winner, but there were bright spots all around like a grizzled and white haired Marcus Fenix making an appearance as part of the Gears of War 4 gameplay demo and trailer reveals.

E3 2016

Gears of War is one of Microsoft’s biggest franchises and fans can be psyched that its main star may make an appearance in this new story featuring his son, JD.


Crash Bandicoot fans will be treated to a return of the wily animal, which was also featured in Uncharted 4. A real nostalgic move by PlayStation where the character features in a game called Skylanders: Imaginators, but all the older Crash games will be remastered for PS4.

E3 2016

For those disappointed by the unceremonious dropping of the PT game which was to feature Norman Reedus (Walking Dead), Hideo Kojima teamed up with him to create a game called Death Stranding. That came out of nowhere, but is welcome in a big way. Not much detail but Kojima is the king of survival horror, so we can expect a lot of…horror and the surviving of it.


Another PlayStation surprise was a very Last of Us game called Days Gone. This feels very much like what life could have been like in the 20 years of survival that Joel experiences between the death of his daughter and his journey with Ellie. Like the Last of Us it’s an apocalyptic setting with a zombie horde as the enemy. It looks very cool and action packed, if not a bit too close to The Last of Us.

E3 2016

Kratos returns for a God of War reprise. Also very little detail but it’s shaping up to be an origin story that could be about the anti-hero’s childhood, or his life as an older man with a, get this, son. We know he did have a wife and child, who he killed unintentionally in one of his murderous rages. This could be the kinder, gentler Kratos.


A huge announcement was the PS VR kit to be released later this year with a slew of games. PlayStation is really outdoing the competition on all fronts. VR titles include Star Wars and Resident Evil. Oh, Resident Evil 7 is set for a January 2017 release.


There’s an upcoming Halo game and well, too many other great titles to mention, but if I have to there’s Dishonoured 2 and a real cheer maker, The Last Guardian, which is finally being released later this year and of course Horizon Zero Dawn, which had a tasty gameplay demo.


What were your highlights? Whatever they are, this upcoming crop of games and the solid jump into VR is going to reduce productivity to mind numbing levels. Oh yea.




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