WHERE HIP HOP MEETS RAP: Introducing Post Malone’s Stoney

It is officially a new year, and while electronic tracks have been the trending favourite of world charts lately, one must not forget that other genres are still very much thriving in the music ecosystem. Hip-hop/rap has been ‘not-so- dead’ because of the likes of Drake, Chance the Rapper, and Kanye West but there have been questions about the next generation that will determine the future of this beloved genre. Who will keep the genre alive, and who will set the tone of its reinvention?

One upcoming artist gaining buzz lately is Post Malone. His smooth rap style and crisp lyrics have made people sit up and take notice of his new album, Stoney. The album has fourteen tracks, each with its own entrancing quality…

WHERE HIP HOP MEETS RAP: Introducing Post Malone’s Stoney The 21-year- old hip-hop/ rapper introduces us to his talent with the opening track ‘Broken Whiskey Glass’ which showcases Malone’s suave vocals and distinctive lyrics. ‘Big Lie’ follows and is a sweet shout out to those who like to show off. Justin Bieber jumps in on ‘Déjà Vu’ which highlights Malone’s ability to cross genres while keeping true to his hip-hop/rap origins. ‘No Option’ is a playful track that speaks to fans on the lateness of the album while Swift-paced ‘Cold’ follows with a more emotional tone and the feel of a basketball anthem. It is followed by ‘White Iverson’ and then by ‘I Fall Apart’ which along with ‘Cold’ strike a different level of heartbreak that shows another side of Malone’s versatility.

‘Patient’ talks about not letting anyone step on your toes while ‘Go Flex’ takes a look back at the rapper’s rise to the game. Kehlani compliments the Texas native’s flow on the mellow track ‘Feel’ while ‘Too Young’ expresses the artist’s wish to not leave this earth before getting rich and famous. ‘Congratulations’ is another favourite on this album that exudes nothing but Malone’s gratefulness and humility, and it is followed by the Pharell-produced track ‘Up There’ which encourages its listeners to keep going towards their goals. The album ends with the salutation ‘Yours Truly, Austin Post’.

Hip-hop will never be dead if people like Post Malone emerge on the scene. ‘Stoney’ is an exceptional debut album by a noteworthy hip-hop/rap artist. The tracks are insightful and well produced, and they are a welcome assurance that this genre’s future is set for countless possibilities.

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