#IHaveADream 3rd Place: Rohan Hemant

My name is Rohan Hemant, I am 22, and I’m from India. From an early age the art of filmmaking has always fascinated me, so after I completed my Bachelors in Business and HR I went to learn filmmaking at The New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi. Since then my passion and interest for filmmaking has grown even deeper.

Rohan Hemant - I Have Dreams

“I learned of the Smovies when I saw it at Vox Cinema right before the start of a film. After that I visited the the Smovies website to learn more about it.

My film concept was about having many dreams and living those dreams everyday. I then took that concept and constructed it around the life of a dog.

“I was not able to make it for the event. But the next day, I received an email from the Smovies congratulating me and telling me I had won third place. I immediately screenshot the message and sent to my family and friends. The reaction I received were happy emojis and lots of celebration emoticons. So this how most of them reacted when they read about it.

“My message to film makers is: if you really like your story shoot it!”

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