Are you a bookworm? If so, check out the list that the Tempo team has compiled of the best¬†libraries to visit in Abu Dhabi…

Khalifa Park library pic

Khalifa Park Library

Address: Khalifa Park

Phone number:  02 657 6182

Khalifa Park Library has a great atmosphere and a wide variety from fiction to history. All of that and it is in a park which means more people will come and the more they come the better educated we are.

National Library pic

Al Nahyan Library or National Library

Address: Nahyan camp, Muroor Street, opposite bus station

Phone number: 02 6576058

The National library is one of the biggest libraries in the UAE, it has a gigantic number of books and it comes with a big variety of genres from fiction to war.

Al bahia library pic

Al Bahia Library

Address: Al Bahia park-Al Bahia area

Phone number: 02 657 6120

Al Bahia Library is a good library in a good place because there is a zoo there which means more people will come to the library.

AL mazyad mall library pic

Al Mazyad Mall Library

Address: Mazyad Mall, Mohamed Bin Zayed City

Al Mazyad Library is in a mall which means it is easily accessible to every which helps the community


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