Life lessons from a TV show: Suits

If there is one show that I would tell my friends to watch, it would definitely be Suits. The hype around this show exists for a reason. Not only is it packed full of drama and an engaging story line, it is also full of lessons to learn. This show has its focal point being Mike Ross, who is talented yet a college dropout you ends up working as an associate for Harvey Specter, the best legal closer in New York City, despite never attending law school.



Lesson one: There is always a way

One of the biggest lessons you learn from this show is that ‘there is always a way’. It follows the cliche of ‘never give up’ but Mike and Harvey battle their way out of every single case that is thrown their way. Even when it seems impossible and it looks like you will end up in jail, they manage to find a loophole and manage to get their own way in the end. As Harvey Specter says, “when someone points a gun at your face, you take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one. Or, you call their bluff. Or, you do any one of a hundred and forty six other things.” This quote highlights that there is always another way. You cannot accept defeat just because you cannot see any other options. You have to find other options by hustling harder and you have to remind yourself that you always have a choice. It makes you be proactive about the problem at hand rather than wallowing in despair because you thought you didn’t have a choice.


Lesson two: “You want to lose small. I want to win big”

It highlights that if you don’t take risks, you’ll never come out on top. You cannot worry about your losses because your main aim is to win. Whether it be a case in the show or any situation in life, you have to be focused on winning because if you settle, you never come out with the best. This is also a psychological thing when considering your mindset before going into any meeting or negotiation. If you focus on minimizing losses, you are already losing since you’re set on the decision that you will not succeed.


Lesson three: First impressions matter

“You start behind the 8 ball, you’ll never get in front”. When people don’t know you, the only thing they can base their judgement upon you is by first impressions. This is important for things such as job interviews because if the impression you set is not good enough, despite being better than the impression you set, you would never end up getting that job because companies won’t call you to find out what you are actually like.


Suits is an excellent, and personally my favourite show that has you gripped from the very start, and not only do you learn legal terminology, you learn life lessons from the characters who have vast backgrounds and how each character manages to deal with failure because not every case is easy to win.


Do you have any TV shows that have taught you life lessons? Leave them in the comments below and tell us which show we should watch next!


Article written by Anisha Pachisia 

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