A frenzied swoosh of colour is a great way to describe Julie Dalloz’s art. Comfortable straddling different creative spaces and art media, Julie is an established muralist who manages to harmoniously blend art and architectural elements. She spoke to Tempo about her passion for art.


Tempo: Your 30 second elevator pitch?

I am a 31 year old French artist, muralist and art teacher. I have a degree in Fine Arts and Interior Design, and I’m very passionate about art. I love visiting art exhibitions or museums and discovering new design boutiques. I’d say I’m a happy person who is sensitive and loves meeting and knowing people, and that I’m very persistent in all the projects I undertake.

Tempo: When did your interest in art begin?

I’ve been taking art lessons since the age of five, with different artists and teachers. I was experimenting different techniques and ways to express myself by reproducing famous artworks of Cezanne, Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, and others. I decided to specialize in mixed media painting and to share my knowledge with my students. I paint because I need to. Painting takes me into my own world, which I find unspeakably exciting as my mind races, considering new ideas and concepts.

Tempo: Where do you draw your artistic inspiration from?

Gustav Klimt’s paintings amaze me and have inspired my sense of detail and precision. The art includes thousands of dots, shapes and patterns to give the work more depth A painting is a long process between the moment I get the idea of what I would like to do to the very last layer of varnish. Sometimes I build an image in my head and it evolves quite differently on the canvas with each brush stroke. Music and travel have had the biggest impact on my work. My camera is also essential since photographs of the patterns of my daily life that can be a source of inspiration.  


Tempo: How is mural art different from canvas painting?

I love painting on both large and small formats because the most important for me is not the surface but what I express when I paint. What I love about painting on a wall is the challenge of creating a unique artwork that reflects the inherent character of a place. In my paintings, both on walls and canvases, I often use mixed media such as glass, CDs, gold and silver leaves, wood, mirrors, glitter and beads.

Tempo: Do you have a favourite creation?

There’s one that is a colourful series of textured musical instruments and performers. I wanted to capture the power and optimism of coming together through the universal energy force of music. For me music brings people together, removing their differences and reinforcing their common humanity. I listen to music every time I paint to give me more excitement to create.

By Sanah Chauhan

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