The Official Dubai Font is Released to the Public!

The Official Dubai Font is Released to the Public!

Bloggers, designers and writers everywhere will be excited to know that the official Dubai font has been released for public use. A project originally commissioned by His Highness, Sheikh Hamdan, and launched in partnership with Microsoft itself, there’s a lot more to this new design option than a simple font, with an intriguing meaning behind it’s loopy letters and thin stylization.

With one of the highest foreign populations in the world, the UAE is a champion is multicultural living. The minds behind the Dubai font wished to showcase this part of the city of Dubai with a hybrid of both the writing styles of Arabic and Latin, symbolising the mix of cultures and races that share a city, as well as the harmonious living that they enjoy together.

Monotype was the company that His Highness Sheikh Hamdan commissioned for this project, and they’re known as the giants behind more universally-known fonts. Dr. Nadine Chahine was the lead designer behind this project, and is also an award-winning type designer and legibility expert at Monotype. Together with her, the team managed to create a truly revolutionary font style for those looking for a change from the typical typeface one sees everywhere else.

Dr. Chahine focused on eye movement and legibility for the Dubai Font, using Arabic, Latin and Chinese scripts for reference. With the vast wealth of her knowledge and study, the font was fine-tuned to resemble the values of the city it was named after, such as respect, tolerance and tradition.

This optimized, downloadable font is expected to reach over 85 million people in 180 countries worldwide, throwing both the font and Dubai into the spotlight for web designers, artists, bloggers and writers all across the globe. You can download this font on their official website for free, and happy writing!

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