On The Cobble Road Dubai

By Christopher Joshua Benton

Manpreet Sagu, 35, is the founder of The Cobble Road Dubai


Opportunity can arrive at any time. Take The Cobble Road founder Manpreet Sagu. While on vacation in New Dehli, India, Sagu came across a bag so unique that he immediately called his brother, who lived in town. As fate had it, Sagu’s brother not only knew the brand of the bag, but also its craftsman. In fact, the men worked out of the very same building!

1 - IMG_1119
Aged leather gives this tote classic appeal


In the four months since, Sagu’s passion project has been to bring this proudly made-in-India brand to the Emirates, tailoring each new design for the local market.

2 - IMG_1222
Use this oversized bag as a weekender or briefcase


“I visited 107 stores in Dubai to find a product at this price point and quality and found none. That’s when I knew I should invest in this,” Sagu said.


So what is The Cobble Road? It’s a collection of simple, effortlessly stylish leather goods. Sagu describes it as a mix of “formal, casual, and dapper.”


The accessible accessories line includes leather rucksacks, satchels, and weekenders —sometimes all in the same bag. “The key word is multi-functional,” Sagu offered. “Every bag can be used in at least two different ways.”

3b - IMG_0933
This bag effortlessly transforms from a tote, to a satchel…


Technology plays a big part in the design, with bags made specifically for phones, tablets, laptops, and DSLR cameras. “We design with an eye for modern innovations. I made sure, for instance, that all the large bags could carry at least a 15-inch laptop,” Sagu said.

3a - IMG_0887
…to a backpack.


Of course, the magic is in the details. Wool felt interior and sturdy hardware give the sense that you can love these bags forever, while the textured leather exterior promises that each bag will age beautifully over time. “It’s important for people to know, this brand is for everyone,” Sagu said. “The Cobble Road is very inclusive.”





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  1. Dalal Lari
    July 7, 2015 - 10:25 am

    I love the bags! Very creative and fresh. Also, its great that you invested in an Indian brand and introduced it to the UAE. What I love about this country is the diversity and the mixing of local and non local cultures. And by introducing this brand to the UAE, you are contributing to this amazing diversity, thank you 🙂

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