As the name suggests, this downtown café in Khalidiya has a huge teen following. With plenty of comfy sofas and armchairs, Chillax has a lot to offer its young and enthusiastic customers. You will be quick to notice the eager staff and the friendly atmosphere that the café has to offer.


– by Kulsoom Zakir

Tempo: Ali, how did you come to UAE ?
I was born in Baghdad, and was raised in a number of different countries from Greece to England, to Canada as well! At some point my parents moved to UAE to make a better living, and this is how I ended up being here. I’m currently working as a photographer in one of the companies here in Abu Dhabi called Next Vision Production House.

Save a Turtle

Shelter for Destitute Cats and Dogs
The Abu Dhabi government is creating a haven for destitute cats and dogs, in an effort to promote animal welfare in Abu Dhabi. The shelter will be the first of its kind in the emirate and is said to be capable of housing about 200 animals.

Sand Land Love

Second City
Chicago is known as the “Second City” in the USA because New York City seems to get the lion’s share of attention. That being said, Chicago has its own charms and unique identity. It has a completely different feel than the “Big Apple”.


LOCATION: Khalifa Bin Zay ed Street,
Abu Dhabi

Hanoi is perhaps one of the best far eastern restaurants in the city, and for good reason. An authentic Vietnamese eatery by heart, there is no getting away from the liveliness of the place.

Emirati Bride

By Noura Abdullah Rashid Al Noaimi – (My personal story)


“The loudness of her compressed heartbeats rang in her ears as she tried to wear a layer of calm serenity. Getting ready to be gazed at from unknown eyes as she stepped into a distant light like she’s staring at the sun from underwater. Holding her breath, waiting… anticipating. It’s time to walk down the aisle, dressed in white, entering her new kingdom.”




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On the Abu Dhabi dining scene, there are certain romantic dining restaurants that stand out and Resto might definitely be one of them. This sleek establishment at the One to One Hotel heaves with Abu Dhabi’s well-heeled and for a good reason.




The “I love UAE” video competition concluded with the announcement of the winners and a debate by film experts and educationists on how best to nurture film making in the UAE. The winner of the “Me” category was Alina Mustafina, and of the “Me and My School Category” was Shabari Shankar.