Bu Tinah Island

By Noura Abdullah Al Noaimi

As children, we have all dreamt about the euphoria of visiting beautiful remote islands….but little did the people of the UAE know that we had one floating on own waters!

Amongst the Gulf’s warm and saline waters is a small archipelago named Bu Tinah which is located 130km west of Abu Dhabi. Bu Tinah is home to numerous endangered species that inhabit this nirvana island. Within the Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve is the territory that covers an estimate of 4,000 square meters, all closed to visitors, fishing and collection of turtle eggs, as the area is under enforced patrol watch to stay protected as a private natural reserve.

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

They say life is but a series of breaths we take – well… health experts agree! Infact recent medical research has provided sufficient evidence on the long-term benefits of deep breathing in the average homosapien (has anyone used that word recently?). And what is deep breathing?

Arabian Fairy Tales

“A Key to another World” first English book on Emirati fairy tales published in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi – The National Library at the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture And Heritage (ADACH) published the first English translation on Emirati Kharaeef (traditional fairy tales) titled “A Key To Another World”.

Musical Inspiration


Always on the look out for interesting events I was intrigued when I heard of a group of kids popping up around the city, instruments in hand, performing classical concerts to the surprise of a delighted audience! I spoke to musician and conductor of Abu Dhabi Strings Orchestra, Emma Stansfield.





Eid is just over and school is starting! Most of us would either say “No, I don’t want to go to school” or “Yay, can’t wait to see my friends, but I’m dreading the school work“. But we can enjoy the first few weeks of school when we can hang out with our friends and don’t have a lot of work to do.


Summer Hair Care

Relocating from one part of the world to another is never easy. Sleep patterns are disturbed, dramatic changes in weather need adjusting to, all clothes and skin care products have to be sorted through to make room for more ‘geographically-applicable’ items of necessity and we never pause to think of the effects such drastic changes in lifestyle will have on our most important aesthetic feature – our hair.




Every Sunday evening, I meet my good friends Shafic and Marwan in front of Mariah Mall on Najda Street. Marwan comes prepared with a big bag full of cat food, fresh water and disposable dishes. Our task? To visit 12 spots designated on a map delivering fresh supplies to the stray cats there.




By Sarah Widdup- An Abu Dhabi based mother shares her wisdom about homeschooling

I homeschool my daughter.  No really, I do.  Now I bet you’re either thinking ‘she’s mad!’ or ‘what a hippy!’, but forget that for a moment while I take a break from hugging trees and constructing conspiracy theories to tell you all about it. I’m joking about the conspiracy theories, but I do like trees, hehehe.


Chirac’s Kalima

ABU DHABI TEMPO reports: Kalima, the translation project of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) , was chosen to translate the memoirs of the former French President Jacque Chirac, “Chaque pas doit être un but : Mémoires Tome I”, which translates to “Every Step Must be a Goal”.