Nose Block
Sinusitis. The best of us get inflicted with it. It spares no one and causes severe discomfort – the kind you’d never even wish upon enemies! Headaches, nasal congestion, fatigue, and sleeping issues can all be triggered by inflamed sinuses.

Meet Your Neighbour

This month Tempo introduces you to enterprising entrepreneur, Purvi Gokani.

“Originally, I am from Bombay, India and I’ve lived in UAE for well over 14 years. To tell you the truth, I have lived and worked in other emirates of this wonderful country but none of them compare to Abu Dhabi.

Sounds of Arabia

Revisit the Golden Music Era with Mayada El Henawi

Abu Dhabi Tempo reports: Good news for those of you who like listening to evergreen Arabian melodies, Syrian Diva Mayada El Henawi will sing live in the capital for the year long program, Sounds of Arabia which is held on the last Thursday of each month.

Beat that Stress

Monday morning is almost everyone’s least favorite part of the week, but this is particularly true if work stress is a problem. Stress increases anxiety and lowers creativity—two factors known to negatively impact enjoyment and productivity in the workplace.

Diamonds for workout

Fitness First, has announced vouchers worth AED4,000 will be given away to every new enroller who signs up for an annual lifestyle membership. The initiative will run from 12 July – 24 July. The voucher can be redeemed at Rasasi D’Or outlets on the purchase of diamond jewellery.


Grounding Skills

Grounding Skills

For many years, people with terminal illnesses were an embarrassment for doctors. Someone who could not be cured was evidence of the doctors’ fallibility, and as a result the doctors regularly shunned the dying with the excuse that there was nothing more that could be done (and that there was plenty of other demand on the doctors’ time).

Eating for Two

Eating for Two
Nutritional Tips During Pregnancy

Being pregnant may bring a lot of changes to your daily life. One of the most common and major changes are dietary habit changes. Even if you had a healthy diet prior to becoming pregnant, you may begin to look at what you eat and how you eat different now that you’re expecting.

Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics is the utmost thing to be considered for maintaining good ergonomics at the office. An example of Office Ergonomics is to have a better view of the monitor and see the images clearly if you take good care in selecting the right level of illumination and place it appropriately.