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Working for an engineering company in Abu Dhabi, Sarath K. Sreekumar, is an Indian expat who inspires people around him through his photography. Sarath promotes his photographs through his facebook page and feels the need for more exposure among expatriate talent in Abu Dhabi.24 year old Sarath was asked about how his passion for photography began.



– by Sithara Sethumadhavan


Some people never get tired of Chinese, and we wouldn’t blame them especially after feasting at Golden Tower’s food. This restaurant located right in between the hustle bustle of Madinat Zayed is especially recommended place for Chinese seafood….and it’s not at all pricey, like some of the fancier eateries.

A Piece of Pizza

If you’re looking for satisfying cheap treats, try the delicious 100 percent pure mozzarella dipped cheese sticks at Papa John’s. It’s baked ‘til it’s bubbling and it has an irresistible flavour that’s quite addictive. These sticks taste even better when dipped in the ranch sauce.The mozzarella sticks are coated in a simple batter and are deep fried to golden perfection.


Reema Al Majed is a busy body – when she is not studying media sciences at Zayed University, she has her hands full organizing and planning out film festivals like the recent Zayed University Film Festival (ZUFF) which focused on providing a platform for young filmmakers to exhibit their craft.

Una St Tropez

Abu Dhabi has been home to numerous major art festivals and symposiums over the past month. One artist who visited the capital city recently is Una St. Tropez who specializes in painting large-size portraits using a unique combination of an ultra modern and yet ancient wax technique.