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Power Lies Within

Alive and Kicking
The Power Lies Within

Aging gracefully is what everyone desires but very few are willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes which can enable them to achieve this goal. Most people resort to painful cosmetic surgeries, while others opt for skin rejuvenation techniques. Either ways, there are easier methods to looking and feeling younger everyday. Here are a few tips to get you on your way:

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Granny,Take Me Home


By Sara Taher

Taxis are a predominant feature of everyday life in the nation’s capital. Since my arrival five years ago, I have relied solely on taxis and the kindness (or pity) of friends for mobility. Even car owners readily opt for cabs on outings, as parking in the city can sometimes be cumbersome, if not an utter nightmare. Although the post of taxi driver was initially reserved exclusively for men, I was pleasantly surprised when I hopped into a cab the other day only to be greeted by a woman!