How Pokémon Go is Taking Over People’s Lives

This. Game. Is. EVERYWHERE! And for good reason too. I mean, who doesn’t want to play a free game that allows you to capture, battle, and train virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world? It allows for personalization by letting the player create his/her own avatar and choosing its style: hair, skin, eye colour and outfit. Then the player needs to walk around in the real world to move their avatar in the game world and capture the creatures. How awesome is that?! But with the good, there also comes the bad, and the same goes for this game. According to CNN, Missouri police have reported that armed robbers are using Pokémon Go to snare victims in isolated places, and there have been dozens of car-related accidents with players carelessly wandering in the open. This game isn’t officially available in the UAE yet, but many are waited with bated breath.

Xbox One S


Xbox One S – It Really is ‘The One’

A 2TB internal storage, internal power supply and its sleek and slim size make the Xbox One S the most advanced Xbox yet. Even though it is 40 percent smaller than the original, one shouldn’t judge it by its size. With HDR technology, you can experience richer and beautiful visuals while gaming and the 4 K Ultra HD Blu-Ray features give the visuals a realistic immersive feel. You can also configure your console to devices like your TV or audio/video receiver using the IR Blaster, which makes everything convenient and quick. The new Xbox also has a streaming feature that allows you to watch high-quality (4K) content from Netflix or Amazon Video and even Ultra HD Blu-Ray. It’s more than just a gaming console, it tries to deliver an integrated entertainment experience.


Samsung Galaxy Note 6


Samsung Galaxy Note 6 – Bigger and Edgier.

With its dual curved edge display, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is better, smarter and – bigger! It is a water and dust-proof ‘phablet’ (a phone and a tablet combined) that can act as a laptop too and hence its business positioning. A powerful 8GB RAM, 4K resolution and a 16 MP front camera make the whole selfie experience smooth and videography real easy. But the most interesting thing about this smartphone is that it has very fast charging technology rumoured to charge 40 percent of the battery in just four minutes! Sounds unbelievable? The phone also has a fold-able display – yes foldable! The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 comes out in early August, and with all its unique features, it could be well worth a try.

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