positive work environment

Ever wondered what makes an employee unhappy in their work environment? If you haven’t, you should. As a CEO, or any senior-level employee for that matter, it is important to create an atmosphere that is inviting, rather than intimidating and scary. A positive work environment ensures job satisfaction, productivity, and general contentment among employees.

When encouraged, appreciated and motivated, employees naturally perform exceptionally well and become highly dedicated towards their job. However, the key aspect to keep in mind here is to create an environment that encourages employees to give their best, ensuring they too are content with their work.

But how do you achieve this? Here are some tips that can help you begin the process.


The most common complaint of employees is the lack of appreciation they receive for their work. Taking the time out to say, “Good job” or “You made a difference on this project” gives employees the realization that both, them and their work, matter.

Positive reinforcement is a psychological trigger and a simple act of gratitude from time-to-time, especially when least expected, is a strong mechanism. It gives employees a sense of pride, a feeling of appreciation and acceptance that acts as a driving force. Employees, will then, continually strive towards earning their next verbal reward. After all, not everything is about money.


One is never short of ideas. Every member on the team has ideas that, if nurtured, has the potential of becoming something successful. Create a space in your workplace and allocate it to brainstorming sessions. Keep the area spacious, bright and inviting for your ‘brain-stormers’.

Taking reference from the quote, “You cannot clap with one hand alone”, building relationships between the team members is essential to establish unity. One should pay attention to how the team works and take steps to ensure high levels of communication, co-operation, trust, and respect between employees. After all, a team that plays together, stays together.


 A leader possesses the power that ensures the organization maintains harmony at all times. When leadership is dictatorial, employees can end up feeling intimidated and resentful, resulting in a hostile work environment. Optimism starts from the top. If the leaders provide a positive attitude and inspire their employees, it will inevitably trickle down to all departments.


An environment that is not only challenging but also fun and creative for the employees is highly appreciated. The fun interaction initiates a bond, and this kinship is what will create a balance in the team. Playing music (during breaks), getting scrumptious treats for everyone, or simply setting aside 5 minutes of the day to talk to the employees and have a good laugh creates a whole different environment. You will have employees thank you later for taking small yet significant efforts keeping them in mind and will, thereafter, work with greater enthusiasm.


Imagine walking into an office with dull walls, no windows, and absolutely no source of natural light. Sounds a bit like walking into a prison, doesn’t it?  A work-space shouldn’t remind employees of being confined. A restrictive feel to space will ultimately stifle creativity.

Rethink your interior design and provide an open space that lures happiness and enjoyment. Try creating a lounge area for employees to relax during lunch, colorful artwork on the walls, and fun ornaments decorating the area. Everything from flooring to lighting and the color on the walls can create a happier atmosphere and when employees are happy they are likely to do their best at work! You may not realize, but the layout, design and color scheme of an office really does make a difference.

Take a look at your employees’ attitude towards their work. Now weigh it against the environment of your company. Are they aligned?








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