5 Stunning Images of Tempo’s Stylemaker Renad Mohammed

Name: Renad Mohammed

Age: 23

Profession: Mass Communication

Nationality: Egyptian

Fashion Statement: Be elegant in your own way, never follow others.


  1. My personal style:

Am always trying new things.

  1. My favourite recent fashion purchase:

Red sneakers.

  1. My favourite stores:

Favourite store is Bershka, Zara, Pull & Bear and Garage.

  1. My fashion pet peeve:

Tight see through leggings with short shirt .

  1. My view on style in the UAE:

There are many different nationalities in the UAE, each with their way of dress. It makes me want to try their traditional clothes as I did with the local “bisht” and the Moroccan dress.


Photos by: Nikith Nath | Instagram: @nsquaredstudios

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