Saif and Sound: The End and The Beginning

I know. You’ve heard the biggest news in the history of UAE Radio. Gulf News is no longer managing Radio 1 and Radio 2. This news has had a big buzz on UAE’s social media and local media across the UAE.


My job at Radio 1 was my first full time job. In October 2010, I stepped into the Gulf News Broadcasting headquarters. headed to Radio 1 with a big smile on my face and excitement in my heart as I got accepted for an internship.


Let’s rewind. While growing up I regularly listened to the radio and used to imitate the radio presenters and speak like them – as if I was on air. Looking at myself standing around the same people I heard on the radio for years, I was stars truck. I was now standing with the people I was imitating! And to get an internship to actually work with them? You can imagine how overwhelmed I was.


I still remember the person who was in charge of my internship wanted me to experience everything about the radio station – the marketing and sales aspect, the production aspect and everything else that the radio does off air. Me being the stubborn me, I stuck to my will of only learning what it was like to be a radio presenter.

Saif and Sound

I spent a lot of time in the studio with most of the presenters that were on air at that time. Especially Simon B and Sheena, who have been a huge part of Radio 1 for years. All of my mentors were beginning to give me a piece of their experience in order to build my journey, and that’s what made me the experienced radio presenter I am today.


In January 2011, I was offered the opportunity to host my first ever solo radio show. Can you imagine how I woke up the first day I had to be live on air? I was shaking in bed. Shaking with excitement and anxiety. What am I going to say? What is my tagline? I shook off all those feelings and headed straight to the studio and never turned back.


I had to perfect myself many times in the beginning and interact with girl fans who would ask me where I get my hair done, where I buy my clothes from and even where I eat! I love my fans. Even the ones who would call me and tell me how bad I sound on the radio and how obnoxious my show was to them.


Five years later, here I am. Thank you Radio 1 for giving me the opportunity to host my own show, build my own brand, and help me become a UAE media personality. Thank you for making me a part of UAE’s biggest events and granting me the chance to meet some of my favourite musicians and celebrities from all over the world.


I always used to end my show with ‘Im outta here…peace!’ but this is not the end, this is just the beginning. Yet another door and another ladder to climb. Stay tuned as I announce the new home of ‘Saif and Sound’.


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