Self-Empowerment through Resilience – Julie Lewis

Julie Lewis
Speaker | Resilience Specialist

“I have lived and worked in the Middle East and Asia for the last 20 years and love to work with organizations that want to create next level performers who will succeed in a challenging and changing marketplace. I blend unconventional insights from the many diverse personal and professional experiences I have had with eastern philosophy and research based tools and strategies.

‘I live, breath, walk and talk my passion for personal development and peak human potential.  Having lead multi-national teams of women and men on 58 expeditions to more than 20 countries to include the Arctic and Antarctica I am on a mission to share my experiences to inspire and empower others to step out of their comfort zone, gain a higher perspective, a new outlook on life and take the giant leap into greatness.

‘With over three decades of experience under my belt in the field of health, wellness, adventure, performance, resilience, stress management and self-leadership I decided it was time to write book and share knowledge, insights, stories and inspirational quotes with a wider audience. Moving Mountains was published in 2015 and is available worldwide at all great bookstores and on amazon and kindle. I have created a series of talks, workshops and personal development retreats around the key concepts in Moving Mountains. Using stories and examples, the book shares the meaning of living a full, fulfilled and adventurous life.

Julie Lewis on The Power of Resilience

In a fast changing and challenging marketplace the world needs clear headed, healthy resilient individuals that can respond quickly to change, lead by example, perform at their peak, remain optimistic, be accountable and bounce back quickly from setbacks. In the UAE’s fast growing market and business environment resilience is a more essential success skill that ever. The more resilient a person is the more ability they have to adapt swiftly to change and growth. Add to that increased productivity, creativity and performance and it are easy to see how this skill is so important.

‘Earlier this year I became an accredited Resilience consultant with Nicholson McBride in the UK  – a team of business psychologists that have been researching resilience since 2009. After collating the results of over 35,000 Resilient Quotient (RQ) tests they identified five essential elements of resilience and created a 10-step plan to build unshakable resilience.  Having had so many personal and professional experiences that have helped develop my own resilience I wanted to be able to offer research backed testing, reports and programs that measure, assess and build resilience up through a series of simple steps.


The five essential elements of resilience are:

  1. Optimism
  2. Solution orientation
  3. Individual Accountability
  4. Openness and Flexibility
  5. Managing Stress and Anxiety

Whether you are starting a business, heading up a business, writing a book, climbing a mountain, raising a family, moving country, learning a new skill, running a marathon or fighting for your life in a hospital ward RESILIENCE IS ESSENTIAL to success.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. They key thing is to take the first step!  One of my mantras is “ Less Talk – More Action “. Knowledge is powerful; taking action on your knowledge is VERY powerful and essential to success.  It’s about being bold and activating the power of the start – the minute you start moving the way will open. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not of weakness so whenever I have hit road blocks unable to solve a challenge I have been able to overcome it by asking for help from someone who has faced the same issues to see if they can offer a different perspective.

Julie Lewis on How to Achieve what you want in Life

Look at an area of your life that you would like to change and use the power questions below to get you started. Know that the tiniest step in the right direction will get the change process started … and the next steps get easier as you go along!  Leadership starts with YOU.  Use the following questions to guide you:

  1. What do I want to do, be, have?
  2. What is my primary focus right now?
  3. What’s the first step I need to take?
  4. Who can help me and what resources do I need?
  5. Why is this important to me?
  6. What do I need to stop, start, continue doing to move me closer to my goals
  7. How am I different and how can I make a difference
  8. What will happen if I do this?
  9. What will happen if I don’t do this?
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