[Jun. 17, 2018] – Tadweer, the Center of Waste Management (Abu Dhabi), initiated the drive to control the number of stray animals in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. As part of this drive, it has now urged public to register adopted animals at the center, with special mention made to rescued street dogs. The public is also required to obtain all the necessary permits linked to the process, due to potential risk to humans and other pets.

Those residents who keep animals on farms and ranches are also required to obtain the permits from the concerned authorities. Residents are expected to take the animals to Falcon Hospital for veterinary testing. The hospital offers complete animal care for a nominal fee through its specialized clinics.

Engineer Mohammed Al Marzouqi, Pest Control Project Director at Tadweer, said: “With an increasing number of people in Abu Dhabi now adopting stray animals as pets, Tadweer is keen to ensure their safety and protect the community from any contagious diseases that stray animals may carry.”

He goes on to say: “While the UAE laws allow pet adoption under certain conditions, the presence of stray dogs in residential areas brings potential risks, as they might attack passersby, especially children, or pose a danger to public health through spreading infection. Therefore, it is vital to take preventive measures, such as subjecting pets and adopted strays to regular veterinary check-ups to avoid possible occurrence of diseases that can be transmitted to humans or animals.”

Furthermore, Engineer Al Marzouqi appealed to pet owners to comply with the relevant laws and respect the rights of other residents through ensuring that the pets do not cause harm, fear or disturbance.

Abu Dhabi is strict when it comes to animal right regulations. Issuing registration certificates for the acquisition, possession, and accommodation of animals along with the requirements and procedures is found in Law No. (2) of 2012. Under this law, keeping animals in villas and municipalities without a permit is illegal.

Tadweer, from its side, undertakes extensive campaigns across the emirate to make sure the stray animal population is in check, keeping in mind the highest local and international standards. Stray animals undergo veterinary checkups at Falcon Hospital. Animals found free of diseases go back to the locations they were found from, to preserve environmental balance.

So, don’t forget to take your pets for their veterinary checkup and have them registered. 

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