Tempo High Five: Anushka

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Name: Anushka

Age: 25

Social Media: @nushka_abrhm

Nationality: Indian

Inspiration(s): Life – mine and that of others

Favorite Artists: Tool

Music Dreams: I just want to express myself and when I put it out there I hope people can connect to it and relate to it and interpret it as they want to – so that when things get to them they can feel a little less alone. That’s what music did for me.

Tempo: Introduce yourself.

Anushka: I’m just a person who always has a lot to say. I got plenty of thoughts and plenty of emotions and I’m always looking for ways to express myself and relate to people. I honestly don’t know how to classify my music.

Tempo: How did you get started?

Anushka: I’ve always loved writing. I started with lyrics when I was around 12-13. It took ages but now one thing led to another, after a couple of open mics I got the confidence to put my music out there.

Tempo: Have you performed in public before?

Anushka: Yep! Very few times growing up. More so since the end of last year.

Tempo: Have you ever mixed up your music with other genres?

Anushka: For sure. I’m really not keen on being limited to a genre as long as the music I make is honest and it feels like ‘me’.

Tempo: What are your favorite music genres?

Anushka: I pretty much like everything. Tool is my ultimate favorite not only because of there music but the lyrics, the way they put together pieces. I also listen to Scropbius Pip, MIA, A Perfect Circle, Pascifier, Enter Shikari, Lorde – the list goes on forever. But what I mean to say is I’m open to all genres and you might even catch me grooving to RnB.

Tempo: What do you do besides sing?

Anushka: I’m a special needs educator and I’ve been tutoring various ages for a while now. So I teach, do therapy, love working out, camping, cooking, dancing, being around people I love and getting to know strangers.

Tempo: What do you need to be successful as a singer?

Anushka: Depends on how you define success. If you want to be rich and famous – recognize your niche then explore and exploit it. If you want to just have fun and gig, well just have fun and gig. J For me that’d be success just and getting chances to gig and for that I need to let myself be and hold onto no limits.

Tempo: What do you think about the UAE music scene?

Anushka: It’s a baby but it’s learning to walk. It’s at that stage where you learn to walk, talk and explore and that’s awesome. It’s great to be part of something that’s developing . Culture may come as a barrier – but we’re a diverse blend of people with a love for music. I’m sure we can find a way to work around it and respect it.

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  1. Germaine Wichern
    December 7, 2014 - 1:16 pm

    While the Abu Dhabi music scene is still young, it’s pleasing to the ears to listens to young talent grow and be nurtured within the Emirates. I hope to hear more covers and original songs from you Anushka!

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