The 1975

The 1975 – I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It


Something happened. I got taken back in time to a place where I was given music with the right amount of groove, soul and rock. It was not like any other, for it had a unique factor, in not just its lyrics, but its whole musical journey. You would think that I bought one of those time machine types and conveniently flopped myself to the times of the 80s-90s greats and legends (because that is my type of music). Well not really; it’s more like I recently streamed the latest album of The 1975, and it’s driving me nuts (and this is a compliment).

The 1975
Album Cover of The 1975’s “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It”

The Manchester bred alternative rock band took a huge three year step from its 2013 release – that’s right – and their new piece of work differentiates itself from anything one would ever hear before. The approach is very similar to the likes of Coldplay and Snow Patrol, but The 1975 is definitely on track to setting the bar to a whole new level of musical eargasm. My fellow millennials would have to agree with me here once they get a chance to listen to this new offering from one of the scene’s front running acts!


The album contains 19 well-rounded tracks that complement each other, making it a pure satisfactory experience for fans and music listeners in general alike. I would usually run through the whole thing with fellow readers, although some of the tracks are more of transitions than the ‘real’ songs themselves.


Instead, I will list down the top three singles that stood out most during numerous Feel Your Tempo listening sessions:

Love Me – “Old School with a Twist”

The early 90’s inspired song talks about how being conceited and image hungry can make things ‘okay’ but not lead to the total happiness one seeks. A person can get so preoccupied reaching success through the wrong ways, when it’s more about introspection and being content with one’s self.

The Sound – “Mainstream but One of A Kind”

A very 80’s reminiscent track that will get you boppin’ to the eclectic beat and catchy lyrics. Released as one of the album’s debut singles, the song talks about the familiar feeling of meeting or being near someone from his/her distant past.

This Must Be My Dream – “Heartfelt and Pretentiously Real”

An old school pop rock single that reminds you of yearning for that special kind of love that you can only find and feel in your dreams.

The 1975 have delivered an album that’s past sound meshes well with the sound of the present. From their first album ’til now, the band has mastered the art of adapting (do you know they do covers that make your jaw just drop in awe?) No wonder they have been receiving numerous acclaims. Be sure to check out their sophomore album, you will not want to miss out on it!

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