Ahmed Yousif Alsaid

Name: Ahmed Yousif Alsaid
Age: 37
Profession: TV Host, Sky News Arabia
Nationality: Emirati
Motto: Be Humble in Life.

• Where I hang out most
Starbucks Café

• One thing I can’t live without
Nutella chocolate

• Person who inspires me most
My Dad. He managed to build himself from nothing by taking full control of his life and becoming really motivated to do something.

• Things I need for survival
My mobile
Walking machine
Air Miles Card

• My most valued possession? My daughter, Noor

• My typical day
Wake up morning, exercise, have a spoon of Nutella, go to work

• In 10 years I will
Own a media production company

• My idea of peace
I hope everyone lives on peace because of the message of Islam

• My goal in life
Make a real positive impact on others

• Item I can’t get enough of
Fahrenheit by Dior perfume. My auntie give to me as a gift in 1992 and since that day I keep buying it

• Recent random act of kindness
When I was in Egypt, there were two guys fighting with each other: one of them was a taxi driver. To break the fight I swiftly put money in the hand of the taxi driver and told him I had to leave quickly. When I got in the car I asked him if he could be my driver for whole my vacation there and he accepted! I gave him my other phone and he has since become my friend.

•What I need to improve on
– When someone needs to talk I want to always be there for them
– I want to learn to say no sometimes when I have to

• Deserves a big thank you in my life
My mother

• My earliest memory
First day of school I was six years old and all of the kids were crying expect me. I was wondering why they were crying then I started to cry with them.


• If my book was a book it would be called
Journey with a Smile

• My social experience
I am addicted to Instagram and Snapchat and also Periscope. I have more than 260,000 viewers on my Snap Chat, out of which I only know 150 to 200

• To look great I would wear
Traditional clothes: kandoora with gutra and agal

• I wouldn’t mind being stuck in an elevator with
Charlize Theron

• Music I’d choose to make a party better
Greek music, some Yanni

• Movie that made me cry
The Notebook.

• If today was my last day on earth, I’d want it to be
With my parents, my family, my wife, and my daughter.

• A historical event I would have loved to have been there for
The final of the world cup in Mexico 1986 to see Maradona in action


• My favourite meal
My mother’s rice with shrimp

• My favourite dessert
Red velvet cheese cake

Photos by Alaa Al Buainain

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