Time Capsule: Nick Hurtado

Name: Nick Hurtado

Age: 18

Nationality: Colombian

Profession: Student

My idea of peace: When I mediate.


Earliest memory: I use to like insects and bugs. I once found a dead lizard, and when my teacher told me to throw it away, I threw a fit and ended up keeping the dead lizard for months.

Favourite dessert: Cheesecake

A perfect weekend is: Going to the beach

I’d most like to be stuck in an elevator with: My best friends

Music I connect most to: Hip Hop

If today were my last day: I’d probably travel one last time.

To look great I’d wear: Jeans, my favourite sneakers, and a nice fitted t-shirt.

My favourite hangout: This secret mountain that has a lookout point where you can see the city lights.


Deserves a big thank you: My Jiu Jitsu coaches because they motivate me to do good.

Goal in life: To become a professional Jiu Jitsu fighter.

I need to survive: Food, water, and the love of my life…

I see myself in 10 years: I’ll be living facing a beach in Brazil.

Inspires me most: Seeing people follow their dreams.

Most valued possession: I don’t know. I don’t place a lot of value in things, I value experiences a whole lot more.



Photograph by: Anaje Brinkley

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