Time Capsule: Raitha Al Ghwayeen

tcdec1 Name: Raitha Al Ghwayeen

Age: 25

Profession: Marketing Executive / Interior Designer

Nationality: Jordanian


Motto…Live with passion

Most valued possession… My bed because I like to sleep!

Inspires me most… The brave people who dare to dream and accomplish, who are open minded and always willing to learn regardless of their circumstances.

I need to survive… A warm blanket, a laptop with Internet access, wine and candles!

I see myself in 10 years… Hopefully living in a small and cozy house by the beach, teaching kids arts and painting every day. The simple life.

My idea of peace…Humanity where people accept and respect each other.

Goal in life… Help people in any way I can and live a simple organic life.

Deserves a big thank you…My dad, for always pushing me to be a better person


Earliest memory…I was 4 years old, I climbed a fig tree that we had behind our house and while sitting there I swear I saw monkeys.

To look great I’d wear…Off shoulder sleek black dress with vintage style make up!

I’d most like to be stuck in an elevator with… Jamie Dornan!! He is hot.


Music I connect to… A band called Fink – all their songs

My favourite hangout… Central Market (Souq)

If today were my last day I would… go to the beach and stay there.

A perfect weekend is…nice big breakfast, road trip and then camping by the water with friends.

Fave dessert…Cream I loooove cream!

Photographs by: Angeli Castillo

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