Beat that Stress

Enter your workday with intention to beat work stress and greatly increase your career satisfaction.

Stop shooting for perfection. Perfection can be a standard to shoot for, but becomes unhealthy when it is the only standard accepted. Chronic or daily attempts to achieve perfection severely affects an individual’s morale along with those of their colleagues.

Take your lunch break. Low blood sugar can make you anxious, irritated and snappish.
Stop gossiping. Gossip really adds up to appearing (and being) untrustworthy. Not the best trait to cultivate as a co-worker! Prepare a few topics in advance and switch to these when the urge arises.

Dress for success. If you are wearing things to work that make you feel fat, old, frumpy or just uncomfortable, you are unwittingly causing yourself a stressful day at work. Jazzing up one outfit that fits perfectly works better than attempting to appear in a new one each week does.

Admit your mistakes. This may seem on the surface like a declaration that you are not a skilled professional, but just the opposite is true. You will be amazed at the impact this courageous act will have on your reputation and trustworthiness. It actually takes strength to admit that you are not perfect.

Make a date with yourself. Put time in your work schedule that builds in time for you: take lunch, take a walk, or catch up on important relationships. Value yourself and you could turn out to be the best resource for you in your time of need.

See where your work makes a difference. To make your work meaningful (and way less stressful), you must see it through the eyes of working for the benefit of others. Where does your job help the organization meet its goals? How does your work impact your local community?

Make friends. Developing a friendship with a co-worker who has a work ethic you admire and someone who can “keep it zipped” is a must-have. Significant others don’t count unless they work in the same place as you do. Only a colleague could really understand the situation at hand.
Watch your language. Shift your thinking to look for what’s going right, instead of focusing only on what may not be going well. Voicing out your stress, even as a joke, only realizes it further. Spend time with colleagues who encourage positive speech and thought


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