Office Ergonomics

Feasible Solutions of Office Ergonomics Disorders :
1.Try to vary your tasks and Office Ergonomics, so that you get ample time to recover from the outcome of your activity. Different ways are being practiced to provide recovery time for overused muscles.
2.Design your Ergonomic Office in such a way that you can easily change your working postures according to your convenience. It is always safe to select adjustable furniture for the workstation that allows you to shift to different seated postures every time you want to. This helps different muscle groups to provide support while others rest.
3.Your work area should be spacious enough to let you use the mouse with either hand alternately. Thus the tendons and muscles of the free hand get enough relaxation.
4.Reduce your dependence on the mouse and use more of shortcut keys. For example, you can use Ctrl+S to save, Ctrl+P to print etc. Certain jobs do require more dependence on the mouse. Users in such professions should learn to use more shortcut keys.
5.Jobs that involve more repeated tasks or prolonged static postures may lead to muscular strain. The users should forcefully take several short breaks or relaxed pauses. The users should stand, stretch, and move around during such breaks. This increases blood circulation and gives enough time for the muscles to relax.
6.Try to mix computer tasks and non-computer tasks alternately in all possible situations. T his encourages the movement of different parts of the body by using different muscle groups.

Office Ergonomics Environment Quick Tips
1.You should design your office in such a way that the glare from overhead lights, desk lamps, and windows is reduced to a maximum.
2.Your office room should be designed in such a way as to m aintain appropriate air circulation.
3.Do not sit directly under air conditioning vents that push air right on top of you.

Time Management Tip 10*
Get a faster computer.
How much time have you spent watching that little hourglass mouse pointer while the machine crunches a big chunk of information or waiting for your ancient modem to download a web page from the Internet? If you still have a slow computer and modem, all the time you spend waiting could easily add up to several hours every month. This is time down the drain. Do yourself (and your customers and clients) a favor, and get a faster computer and modem.


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