Transform your Life with these 10 powerful questions

A question empowers; an answer disempowers. A question creates; an answer is a conclusion that stops creation. Most people think that if they find the right answer, their life will be sorted. However, if you can question, you and transform your life and you will see things unfold in a tapestry of ever expanding possibilities.

The questions below will enrich and expand your life exponentially. Ask a question! Don’t look for an answer. Sometimes you have to keep asking the questions again and again until something changes.

  1. How Can It Get Better Than This?

What if you could have your cake and eat it too? What if you open yourself up to all the possibilities in the world? This question is a simple tool that can change everything! Ask this question every time something bad shows up in your life or something good shows up in your life. When something bad shows up, this question starts to change it. When something good shows up, you are asking for more good to show up. When something good shows up repeatedly, most people are waiting for the axe to drop. This is a knee jerk reaction. By asking this question repeatedly, you break this and are in a space for receiving more good.

  1. What Else Is Possible?

When things are stuck and nothing seems to be moving, ask yourself this question. Instead of accepting conclusions that things cannot change, ask this question and you will start to see possibilities in the situation that you hadn’t even considered.

  1. What’s Right About This That I’m Not Getting?

A great question to ask when things show up not as you expected or desired. When things go south, most people go into blame and regret. They wonder why bad things happen to them and wallow in this. When you ask this question repeatedly in an undesirable situation, the situation will start to change in amazing ways. You might have to ask this question many times to get there.

  1. What’s Right About Me That I’m Not Getting?

Do you get stuck in negative self-talk trying to figure out where you went wrong? When you are in an undesirable situation, the tendency is to blame yourself and judge yourself. Blame and judgment are very toxic. They are like a slow poison that kills life. This question will raise your self-worth and self-appreciation.

  1. What Would It Take?

This is a ‘create’ question. When you want to create something, have something or change something, this is the question for you. Make a list of your targets, and then convert them into this question. Read it frequently and pretty soon everything you have asked for in your list will start to show up. One of my favourite tools is a Magic Diary. I write down 10 new things I would like to create in this diary everyday with this question. It’s fun to see everything you have asked for showing up in your life. Think: what would it take for me to have/ create/ change this right away? What can I be or do different today to have/ create/ change this right away?

  1. What Would I Like To Create My Life As?

This is absolutely my go to question. I ask this question everyday. When you ask this question consistently over a period of time, amazing things start to show up for you. Unexpected, delightful things that can enrich your life

  1. What Contribution Am I Giving That I’m Not Acknowledging?

Each one of us is unique and special. We contribute to the world by our very existence. But most of us cannot even see this. By being in this question, you start to see your contribution to the world around you and it changes your perspective about yourself.

  1. What Can I Be Or Do To Change This For The Greater?

Ever have a situation where you feel stuck? Ask this question – repeatedly.

  1. Who Or What Would I Have To Be In Order To Be The Brilliance Of Me?

Brilliance is awareness magnified into greater possibility. Brilliance is not thinking, even though we think intelligence to be an essential element of being brilliant. Have you misinterpreted the joy of thinking as brilliance? Have you judged yourself as not brilliant? Did you give up your brilliance because nobody else would acknowledge it when you were brilliant? Is this what is stopping you from creating the greater possibilities you desire to create?

  1. What Would It Take To Turn This Into A Possibility? 

What if you were willing to change your perspective on your life, your relationships, your business and your money flow? How many of you are focusing on what you don’t have rather than what you have created and being grateful for the possibilities that are showing up? Every time you find yourself “thinking” you have a problem, ask: “What would it take to turn this into a possibility?” And see what shows up, and have fun with it.

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