10 Super Easy Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Being creative can be difficult, especially if it’s a part of your job. You may have to sit for hours staring at the ceiling before new ideas start popping in your head .. If you have been there, then you may want to sit tight and take a few tips…

Here are 10 ways to help you get out of the rut.

1. Overcome the Fear of Failure

Many people are scared of trying new things because they are scared of taking the risk and failing. In order to unlock your full creative potential, you need to let go of this fear and you must be willing to take the risk. Know that it is okay and that every setback comes with a huge learning.

2. Do it Differently

If you do something a certain way, try doing it in a different way because it can lead to a new idea. Instead of starting from chapter 1, try starting from chapter 6. Instead of drawing the face and then the eyes and nose, try drawing the features before the face shape. Just approach the task in a different way.

3. Limit Yourself

Sometimes, having too many choices and options and tasks to do can confuse you, stress you out and block your creativity. Try a simple task instead. For instance, don’t worry about drawing a portrait, instead, challenge yourself by making a drawing using only straight lines. This forces your brain to think differently to finish that task and that can help you improve your creativity.

4. Change your Environment

Move to a new area. When you always sit at your desk, you can feel held back and limited. Try sitting on the floor or in the kitchen or even go outside and sit on a park bench. A change of space can always give you inspiration.

5. Write Everything Down

If you ever have a very weird thought or idea, write it all down. Carry around a notebook with you at all times. You may think an idea isn’t important but note it down anyway because every small idea that you write down can be developed later on into a big idea.

6. Explore the World Around You

Traveling is an excellent way to get inspired and improve your creativity. Be a sponge and soak up all you can about other cultures and places. This knowledge can help you think about your work differently.

7. Read and Observe

The more you know, the more creative you can become. So, try and read as many books as possible. Go outside and observe people, notice the way they behave, and just take in the world around you. Think about how something ordinary could be used creatively.

8. Make a Mood Board

Having a board full of pictures that inspire you can help you when you’re stuck looking for inspiration. Maybe you like the pattern in a picture, or a poetry line sticks out to you. Place all of them. The board is yours and anything can be on it.

9. Try Something New

Take on a new hobby or try and learn a new skill. Stepping out of your comfort zone and learning new things can help you find your creativity.

10. Don’t Force It

Last but the least, don’t force creativity. Inspiration and creativity can strike you at any time and it is pretty hard to force it. Whenever you feel stressed, take it easy. Maybe go for a walk or try meditating. Remember that an idea will eventually come.

Good luck, and remember to always learn from experiences, try new things and don’t beat yourself up too much.

Tanvi Akkaraju is a media student currently living in Dubai. She has a passion for making music, writing, and photography.
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