This post is a trip down memory lane.

For all of us who spent our childhood in this beautiful country, we have certain things that instantly bring back memories of the good old 90’s. And for some reason, food is the most prominent among them. And for this very reason, we have rounded UAE’s top 13 snacks that is bound to have you go “Oohhh” and “Ahhh” in no time!

I suggest you hold on to your seats because, excitement or bittersweet, you are in for a roller-coaster of emotions! 

Shall we begin? 

  1. Keep on snacking – Choosing one from these 3 was a real struggle! 

  2. Let me quench my thirst – Is it weird I can still remember what these tastes like? 

  3. My snack for the bus ride – Always curious to see what designs would come out from the box next.

  4. Mask of Zorro – Who are we kidding? These were less of chocolates and more like props for our action scenes.

  5. You brought Jelly?! – Remember having them in one go? 

  6. I hope it’s Quality Street! – Celebrating birthdays at school meant only one thing: Quality Street. Any other kind of chocolate was just not appreciated by friends.  

  7. Want some peanuts? – “Wrapped in a cone-shaped newspaper” was the selling point. Not the peanuts. 

  8. Want to see my new tattoo? – The closest some of us ever got to a tattoo.

  9. These are Danish, right? – Tea was incomplete without this famous round, blue box of buttery cookies.

  10. Got a gum? – Cue bubble blowing competition!

  11. Want to see me whistle like a pro? – We honestly bought these for the sole purpose of whistling and scaring the living day lights out of others.



  12. Cheez balls, anyone? – How can chips be crunchy but soft and cheesy at the same time?! 


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