How the ADPD Handles Supercars

It’s no secret that Abu Dhabi has some of the most supercars in the world, since it’s hard not to spot at least one Ferrari or Lamborghini on your daily commute. With such a high percentage of the population owning these luxury cars which are capable of reaching intensely fast speeds, how does the ADPD keep up with them when their owners foolishly try to outrun the squad cars?

The ADPD recently posted a video to illustrate how they would handle a police chase with a Ferrari. It is a dramatization, but it does give us some pretty neat information about the people keeping our city safe. Click here to see it.

For one, they not only take the chase into consideration, but the safety of civilians as they reroute traffic and strategically set up road blocks. Once those are firmly in place, they use facial recognition software to identify and track the driver, herding him toward their roadblock and giving him no choice but to stop, surrender and accept his arrest.

It’s a common question as to whether or not the ADPD can keep up with supercars, but any skepticism from the general public is nothing compared to the tactical skill and quick thinking that goes into their training. The city is definitely in good hands.

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